Welcome to Komfy Kozies by Kelsey


Hi, I’m so glad to see you found my website! My name is Kelsey Teixeira, and I am the owner of Komfy Kozies by Kelsey. I am a twenty-one year old Respiratory Therapist who has had a love of all things kozie since 2016. Komfy Kozies started with just blankets, but since then I have added items to my inventory such as ponchos, clothing, and bows. I am proud to say my work has been shipped to over thirty states! As a healthcare worker I understand the importance of car seat safety and wheelchair convenience. The winter coat gives a false sense of safety making you think that the seatbelt is actually tight, when in reality it is a few inches away from your child’s chest. Winter coats pose many dangers for children in car seats, which can be easily avoided. My goal with these ponchos is to keep kiddos safe and warm, while putting my love, hard work and dedication into my small business!